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"The best decision I have ever made



Shara Nijs started her career in the hospitality business. But when her parents’ pub closed, she looked for a new challenge: “I didn’t have a secondary education diploma and wanted to rectify it. So I started looking for a job that I could combine with my studies. bpost’s FutureMe programme proved to be the ideal solution.”

In addition to their job, employees take online classes via FutureMe so they can still obtain their diploma. “During the week I worked as a postwoman, in the eve- nings and the weekends, my study books were my closest companions,” says Shara. “It was intense, but after two years I had my secondary education diploma.”

“The best decision I have ever made” Shara’s diploma paved the way for further education in graphic design: “That really is my thing. I took a one-year career break to study full-time. With my second diploma I started my own small graphic company as a secondary occupation, while I was still working half-time as a postwoman

Then Shara had the opportunity to follow a trajectory to become a team leader: “In the meantime, I have been working in that position for a year, and it’s the best decision I have ever made.”

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